Clouvell, thanks to the alliance with Morgan Pearse LLP Solicitors, London_Big_Ben_Phone_box represents companies, banks and Italian institutions in UK and provides legal assistance in UK and in cross-border transactions that require a coordination between Italian and English legal system.

At the offices of Morgan Pearse LLP Solicitors, Clouvell has established its Italian Desk with a team of solicitors of the allied firm, qualified to operate in the UK and working in close collaboration with Italian colleagues.

The Italian Desk deals with any kind of issue of a civil nature,  in particular related to commercial and corporate law, administrative law, intellectual property law, real estate law, labor law, family law, criminal law and litigation.

The Italian Desk is able to offer a legal service “synergetic” in favor of  Italian companies, banks and institutions operating in the UK, as well as in favor of English institutions or private that wish to undertake economic and legal operations in Italy.

The synergy between Clouvell and Morgan Pearse LLP Solicitors in the management of the legal case, thanks to the integration of specific skills, facilitates the optimization of the performance and the realization of substantial benefits in terms of result.

The Italian Desk is orientated to Italian industrial and commercial enterprises  that  want to expand their business or want to start their business in the UK, as well as Italian financial institutions, multinational corporations, public and private entities  working in UK.

The Italian Desk is a strategic point of reference for industrial and commercial companies, as well as for banks and public and private entities that have economic and commercial interests in Italy.


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